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Parenting these days is a task in many ways because of the overwhelmingly advanced mind sets and ideas that the new generation child portrays. This is inevitable because of the ever changing outlooks and personalities of today’s generation and the fact that India, today, is becoming more broad-minded and with the exposure children have to cable (satellite) television.

Good parenting lies in the ability to be able to communicate effectively with your child. Good communication with your child is like writing an effective article for people to read. If it’s got a punch and a zing to it, it attracts attention. If not, it fizzles out. Its the same approach towards kids.

 Today, a very westernized concept of grounding a child has begun in metropolitans in India just as it has been a disciplinary trend in the United States where a kid gets grounded as a disciplinary action. The world punishment is hardly heard of these days, as it reflects strong emotions. Boy, you have to be so careful handling your actions and your worlds with today’s kids. Maybe that’s why the term “handling with kid-gloves”. Of course, the word time-out has been in existence in India for decades; time-out being the Indian version for grounding a child but it hardly was given any precedence until now when things have become more complex and challenging.

Tips of Good Parenting include the following points
  1. Take time to connect with your child on various levels. Talk and listen to your child, try to understand your kid’s point of view by putting yourself in his/her shows and being reasonable in your advice to him/her
  2. Be a good friend to your child as well as a reasonable parent. Be flexible in your outlook yet create good, solid boundaries for your kids so that they can learn and grow with the right kind of discipline and rules
  3. Follow certain guidelines yourself so that your kid can learn from practical viewing. For example: If the toothpaste cover has to be shut after brushing and if that is one guideline in your home, then make sure you follow it too. Another example is: If eating in front of the tv is not allowed, then you practice that too by eating at the dining area and not in front of the television set
  4. Be a star example for your kid. Often, kids look up to someone and make that person their Mentor. Be that Mentor for your kid by being everything that they are in awe of or look up to. That is a sure-win way to bring about a harmonious relation with your child or children
  5. Encourage your child to develop the skills that he or she is interested in. Do not push your child into something that you are interested for them to be or do. Let them cultivate their interests and encourage them to do so.
  6. Do not put your child down in front of other people. This cultivates a sense of disagreement and discomfort in the kid’s mind and this calls for trouble.
  7. Last of all, Be the best that you can be. You were a kid once too. Yes, Agreed that kids today are far different from kids belonging to an earlier generation but still, deep down it takes easy steps and easy methods to connect with a child’s heart and once you get there, you will find potential and beauty and all things pure…..


In order for you to be a good parent, you have to study good parenting skills. Good parenting contrary to general believe, is a full time work. Therefore, one of the major keys of good parenting is to know some mistakes that can be made by parents and learn your lessons from it in case of the other time. Here are four characters of a good parenting:
a) Availability: Despite that your days are full of activity or in busy period, always make yourself available for your children. Make sure that you are there for him or her when you are needed especially. Give yourself to them and let them feel your availability. Make them feel that they are important beings to you. Create a certain time or period of tiredness from work before attending to them. Dedicate a quality period to them. It might be having a short walk with them, watch their favorite program with them on television or reading book with them. Spending money on them is not the issue but showing them love and let them know.

b) Appreciation: This is another technique of good parenting skills. This strong drive which leads to good behavior in children. It is very motivating to appreciate your children. Show your appreciation to your children whenever they behave very well. When they do something good, appreciate them because everybody loves encouragements as children are highly sensitive to been appreciated. Appreciation is a technique that assists your children to know the different between the wrong and the right thing. The potentials of been of good behavior continue to show forth in them when they are appreciated the more on their good behavior.

c) Affection: Everybody wants to be loved most especially the children. Children always look for means by which they can be loved by their parents and outsiders. You as parent are their point of concentration. Your children will love to please base on their originality. You have to know that the fundamental and principle of a durable relationship between parent and children is love. Therefore, love your children and let them know that you love them

d) Acceptance: Both parents and young children love to be accepted. As you are moving contrary to your way, let them know that they are accepted for any reasons. By so doing, they will have a level of self worth and rate high their level of self esteem. Acceptance in good parenting makes your children to feel being secured. If you refuse to show the act of acceptance to your children, then they cannot get it anywhere and they know it.
In conclusion, good parenting skills are studied for a period of time and even with errors. Therefore, use your mistakes as your example and establish your guidelines that can make you a good parent. With adequate good parenting skills, you can raise a good family and children peacefully.


There are some fundamental principles that you need to know in good parenting before you could be called a father.

a) SATISFACTION: This is the first principle of what makes a good parenting as a father. If your home and every of your family affairs are controlled with wisdom, then you must have a great satisfaction. It has been noted that the poor and the rich people are experiencing problems when it comes to the issue of income in order to suit their expenses. As you know that earning big incomes does not give solution to your financial handling. It is more than that. The only solution is to learn how to cut your coat according to your size and with this, maximum satisfaction .

b).DILIGENCY IN MONEY HANDLING: This is another principle of what makes a good parenting. Wisdom cannot work without been diligent. When you are diligent in taking care of small amount of money then taken care of larger amount will not be a barrier. It is a nice idea as a father in good parenting to study the basics of being a good and reliable manager. You should be able to differentiate needs and wants. You should be capable to take proper care and maintenance of the wants of things that money can be use to buy.

c) Rearrangement of the mode of living as the children started coming into existence of the family such as recreational activities, standard of living and many more.

d) As a father in good parenting, your way of life must change from bachelor’s life to family man. For instance, you must forget about all the unnecessary meetings with your businesses associates so that you can have enough time with your children and family.

e) Good parenting help a new father to study his wife in order to have a clear knowledge of ideal home atmosphere. As the arrival of a baby makes a home and this arrival adds more beauty, life, color and zest to a family.


Parents know the great happiness that used to be in a home where there are children. Also, parents are in the best position to explain the difficult periods and problems facing them when raising children. Good parenting might not be easy. Even though, parents that are packaged with patient and peaceful life can commit errors during the child grooming. Meanwhile, being a good parenting, then here are the good parenting secrets that will be of help:

a)Show love to your children: Okay, it is true that you love your kids but how do you express your love to your children? Always tell them that you love them everyday. Give them a kiss frequently. Always hug your children. Let your children know how special they are unto you. Ensure you let tem be aware of what they mean to you especially.

b) Security guarantee: Some children used to be afraid. For instance, when there is lightening or they have nightmare and so on while some other children are not secured because of the nature. The truth is, the children need to feel secured. Base on the nature of your kids, you need to apply good parenting by comforting them and let them feel secured.

c) Quality time with kids: Give quality time and necessary attention to your children. They really need it and it is part of good parenting. Use quality time with your children in playing a game, reading books together, catching funs, walking together, watering flowers sweeping house. Good parenting is spending a quality time and attention to children eradicates bad behavior in children.

d) Children reward: Children loved to be recognized in the family as being important. By so doing, they love to study and be developed in everything they do. As a parent, whenever you see your children doing good things, always appreciate them and let them know how important they are. Show them that you are proud of them and encourage them to keep it up and try the more.

e) Set up a permanent principle: There are difficult principles in different families especially in the aspect of raising children. Ensure that your family principle is straight forward and easy to understand. Be consistence in your principle of good parenting. In case your principles changed, let your children be aware of that. Good parenting is a good idea that has been of help to the family a lot.

f) Be consistent in your regular time with your children with your good parenting. This makes your children to be highly disciplined. For instance, eat, play and sleep at a particular time except weekends.

g) Be attentive of your children as this helps you a lot in good parenting and it helps you to understand your children better.

h) Criticism: You do not criticize your children in good parenting. Children could commit errors because nobody is perfect. You only criticize their behavior whenever they go wrong and do not criticize your children.

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